International Buddy Programme

The International Buddy Program appears in 2019 as an extension of actions already implemented by NAPSI (Godparents Project) in the proposal to enrich the exchanges of foreign students with the local context represented in POLI / UPE through interaction, active participation, and exchange of experiences and cultural knowledge.

Its lines of action were:

  1. To favor the effective and affective integration of foreign students to the new academic context;
  2. Contribute to the broadening of the POLI academic community’s vision and knowledge about the existing internationalization possibilities;
  3. Welcome and guide foreign students while visiting POLI.

Schedule of activities:

09/09/2019: Start of activities

09/11/2019: 1st Godparents and Godsons Meeting

07/30/2020: End of activities

Participants: The project was designed and structured in a partnership between DESS and NAPSI and ARI @ POLI.