A. Tutor Professor


A1. What is a Tutor Professor?

The normative instruction ARI/POLI 001/2020 (https://ari.poli.br/document/instrucao-normativa-estabelecendo-prof-tutor/) details the actions of the tutor. Your chosen tutor teacher must sign a declaration of acceptance (https://ari.poli.br/document/declaracao-de-aceite-de-tutoria/) which must be delivered to ARI, attached to the MOB OUT form (https://ari.poli.br/document/form-mob-out/).

A2. How can I get a Tutor Professor?

Students in Mob OUT must contact the teacher directly inviting him to tutoring. We have a list on the ARI website with the professors available for tutoring (https://ari.poli.br/pt/documentos/tutoria/), but any professor of the student’s course can be a tutor professor, for that, he/she needs to register in our form at the link: https://ari.poli.br/document/form-atividades-de-internacionalizacao/.

A3. How is the monitoring, on the part of the tutor, of chosen subjects?

As for the tutor’s follow-up and the way in which he should develop the tutoring, it is up to the discussion between the student and tutor. We emphasize that there is no institutionalization of some type of report that needs to be sent either to ARI/POLI, or to course coordination or tutor teacher. However, we ask you to send to ARI/POLI, after being approved and signed by the tutor and course coordinator, the learning agreement of your mobility.


B. Mobility


B1. How can I apply to a mobility exchange at POLI/UPE?

It depends on the agreement established with the institution in question.