Admission for international students at POLI/UPE

Announcement, Call for Applications, Forms, Public Notice / 2024-02-16

We are excited to announce this amazing opportunity for you to carry out an international mobility at the Polytechnic School of Pernambuco in Brazil !!
As part of our commitment to providing enriching educational experiences, we are sending an invitation to you to participate in our International Mobility Program.

This program offers you the chance to broaden your academic horizons, immerse yourself in new cultures, and expand your global network. By participating, you will have the opportunity to study abroad at an amazing university, obtaining insights and experiences that will undoubtedly enhance your academic and personal growth.

Here are some highlights of our International Mobility Program:

• Academic Excellence: Benefit from high-quality academic programs taught by renowned professors in your field of study, ensuring a fulfilling learning experience.
• Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in a new cultural environment, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation while exploring new traditions and ways of life.
• Global Networking: Build lifelong connections with fellow students and professionals from around the world, expanding your global network and opening doors to future opportunities.

Following is a list of all courses available at POLI/UPE that you may choose from:

• Control and Automation Engineering;
• Telecomunication Engineering;
• Computer Engineering;
• Mechanical Engineering;
• Electrical Engineering;
• Electronic Engineering;
• Civil Engineering;
• Physics of Materials.

Pay attention to our deadlines:

• Nominations: until 14/Mar/2024. Look for the International Relations Office in your college to know more information on how to be nominated;
• Once nominated, students will receive a link to the registration MOB-IN form, which must be completed by 20/Mar/2024;
• Start of classes: 10/Apr/2024;
• End of classes for one cycle: 06/Aug/2024.
• End of classes for two cycles: 21/Dec/2024.

If you are interested in seizing this extraordinary opportunity, please don’t hesitate to reach out your university for further information and guidance on the application process.

Join us on this exciting journey of international discovery and academic excellence!